About me

Hi there! I’m Laura! I grew up in The U States to Guatemalan parents, and fell in love with Europe (specifically Germany) on my year abroad.  I speak three languages quite fluently. I now reside in Dallas, Texas, and enjoying it way more than ever imagined. I’m not sure where this beautiful world will take me, but I’m excited to live through the journey until I find out. 

 I’m an avid animal-lover. I had the absolute best pets growing up (one day, I’ll get the courage to write about them). I now pet-sit this silly old pup named Chaz, whom I’ve grown to love. I also volunteer with Dallas Pets Alive! whenever I get the chance.  If you approach me with a dog, don’t be offended if I first greet your dog before acknowledging your presence. 

I enjoy working through German grammar, even though sometimes a verb at the end of a 25-word sentence can be (see what I did there?). I would unlearn German in a heartbeat if possible,  just so I could learn it all over again from scratch. 

I claim to be a runner, but have won a pizza-eating competition. For numbers sake, I ate 16 slices of pizza in one sitting (crust included); and will complete my 7th half-marathon (13.1 miles) later this month (February 2018).

I’ve had the luck to visit several countries, but I hope to see many more. Currently, Iceland is at the top of my bucket-list, with Peru a close 2nd (gotta visit the best friend). 

I have a growing passion for calligraphy and am the face behind  The Calligraphist.      Take a peek into my work @the.calligraphist on instagram!

I have quite a few more passions but this will do for now. 

P.S. If you ever want to go dancing just let me know and I’ll beat you to the dance floor!


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