Sharing Pillows

“Chaz! What are you doing? Get off!” 

It’s Sunday morning. It’s way too early for this, but after a few minutes I open my eyes and get on with my day. It’s an unusual Sunday morning. The leaves outside are crunchy and falling at a whirlwind pace. The streets are oddly calm, and Chaz is there.

Chaz isn’t always there. He comes and goes. It’s a weird thing we’ve got going. I love him, I do, but on days like today he was getting on my very last nerve. This was the bit of Chaz that I didn’t necessarily care for – his persistency. Chaz has a one-track mind, so he always gets what he wants.

Chaz came into my life in unexpectedly. I met Chaz through a mutual friend, but even this was a bit odd. You see, Chaz and my friend had this thing going on. He would stay at her place and she at his.  One day she left town. I had met Chaz a few times prior, and there was an instant connection. I enjoyed his company and I was pretty sure he enjoyed mine. So when my friend left the country for an unknown amount of time, she called me.

“Laura, you should reach out. I’m leaving and I know how you two hit it off.” 

Soon thereafter, I received a call, and Chaz would be spending the weekend at my place. The first few times, he slept on the couch, while I kept the bed to myself. A few weeks in, he began slipping into bed with me. He was quite sneaky at first, but eventually we were sharing pillows. I didn’t mind. I loved the company. I had been feeling quite lonely in months prior, so having Chaz around just seemed kind of perfect.

Today though, I was tired. I wanted to sleep in, but Chaz just had to wake me – at 6:30 a.m. He wanted to go on a walk one last time before heading home. Surely this doesn’t explain the strange weather, or the ongoing twitch in my right eye, but it would be fitting.

As I sit here writing, Chaz continues to nudge my hand with his nose, his eyes locked on mine. I’m sad he’s leaving, but he’ll come back. Surely it will be as soon as next weekend, when his owner goes on another business trip, and I am called to pet-sit the best dog a girl could pet-sit.


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