Tying the knot

Laura.in.Dallas, Travelaurita

Today’s the day. Not just any day, but the day.

Today is the BIG day

But it doesn’t start here, so let’s take it back.

Stage one: Thoughts and ideas

Every tiny detail is planned out in your mind. The big day has to go according to plan. This stage is easy, there’s no stress involved. Here is where you run wild with your ideas. You spend hours, or even days (heck sometimes it can be months) imagining nothing less than the extravagant experience it could be!

Stage two: Let the lists begin

Now is when the pen touches the paper and the never-ending to-do list begins

  • The venue– will this be an indoor or an outdoor event? What’s the weather going to be like? Will there be beautiful scenery or is this about the main event and not the scenery?
  • The music – will you have a set playlist or risk it and leave it on shuffle? Upbeat and grooving or soulful and touching? What if there’s no music, that could be neat, right?
  • Invitees – is it a time to be celebrated and surrounded by supporters or did you want to keep it quite personal?
  • Oh! And the shoes! – where to even start? You want them to be perfectly tailored to fit your style but you also don’t want blisters on the big day. So which is it? Cute or comfortable? Is there such a shoe that does both?

Stage three – Self-reflection

But how could you be getting cold feet? This relationship was built from ground zero and continues to grow and become stronger as time passes. You’ve gotten through the good, the bad, and the ugly. There were those few times, when you got so mad that you just wanted to call it quits. But you haven’t. People called you crazy for being in a relationship. But who cares about them, you’re about to do the one thing that brings you absolute happiness!

But the time is coming up, and you undoubtedly begin questioning everything.

  • Is this it?
  • Am I really doing this?
  • What if I instantly regret it?
  • Is this the life that I want to be living?
  • Am I ready for this long-term relationship?
  • What if I get hurt?
  • There’s no going back now, I’ve already spend too much time and money picking out the perfect shoes, and music, and venue, and , and, and…

Suddenly it’s seconds before you tie the knot, and you’re trembling. Sweat starts rolling down your face just thinking about it, but you push yourself to do it anyway.

You tie the knot… twice.

Now your shoes are tied and the commitment had been made.

Every run turns any day into the big day, and just like that, you’re in a life-long relationship with running.


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