A cup (or three) of Wine


Hey hey hey!

It’s Laura. After many years, I have found interest I my long lost blog. Silly enough, in the search of this (what-I thought-was-the-world’s-greatest-and-only-Berlin-blog) I was somehow only able to login to my long-forgotten Freshman year blog. Man, I know that previous sentence was a big no-no in the English language but it was what it was, and there is no going back .

So to explain this long-lost blog: my Freshman year of college I was in a German culture class.My class consisted of four young girls and an older, laid-back professor. Laid back, because as he would have us recite our homework, he would quite literally hold his hands together, lean back in his chair, and try his hardest to not close his eyes.

Anyway, this professor of ours had us create and keep up with a blog – auf Deutsch! It was a great way for us to write and keep up with and practice our German without the worry of it being a graded paper. As long as we did it, we got points.

So, to circle this long story back to its origin. I have had several blogs in the past years and have been really bad about keeping up with any of them (there’s a third I did with a …friend… that I’m not ready to share with you).

Maybe, hopefully, being able to login to this one will motivate me to continue writing.

Thanks for ready and remember to ALWAYS forget your passwords (they may bring you nostalgic pasts).

And a big thanks for the inspiration of writing again @gabrielamimo.com !

Oh and the title? Just an explanation to this terrible writing with no grammar checks and zero point.


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