Royal Flush

Toilets or Poker? Neither. 

Waco is home to… well not a whole lot to be honest. Sure Baylor University is there and all, but being a TCU Horned Frog, does that even count?

That being said, somewhere deep within the winding roads of Waco, is one of Texas’ many hidden gems.

This 4th of July weekend, a brave group of Frog Alumni ventured into enemy territory and spent the day at BSR Cable Park – home to your more thrilling summer activities. We, however, dedicated our time and money to the one and only Royal Flush!

The Royal Flush in Waco, Texas isn’t comparable to the dreaded swirlies. No, no. The Royal Flush is the bully of all bullies. There’s no preparation good enough to conquer the final flush into the chemically-treated, seafoam green water. Not the anticipated steep climb, the pressured glances right before your turn, nor the painful wedgie, will equip you for the launch into midair resulting in a flailing flight before the big plunge.

The Royal Flush is BSR’s biggest attraction, with three nay, FOUR towering water slides, shooting you what seems like miles into the air. That’s right folks, water slides!  A water park for us kids that never really grow up. These slides are so grand, a waiver must be signed and a life jacket worn. It’s really no rocket science, however I’m sure there is some physics to it, as one of my friends so persistently tried explaining to me before realizing, that I was less interested in the physics of the slide and more interested in which of the four would get me higher up in the air. Turns out, with some sort of logic explained by physics, the third slide is the one to go for. And oh boy, do I have the bruises prove it!

Half of the fun, however,lies in lounging in the sandy-bottomed water with great company and a filled cooler. Friends- you know who you are 🙂

What to expect

Sun, sand, unnaturally green water, bruises, and fun!

Yea yea, you will most likely return with a bruise or two, but the memories will outlast those painful little flecks.

What to pack and how to prepare

  1. Sunscreen (let’s not forget my previous warning to the sun!
  2. Wear a swimsuit
  3. Print out the waiver beforehand to avoid extra long lines
  4. A towel – if you don’t believe in the Texas heat
  5. Sandals – Texans know why
  6. Go Pro! After all, this is why you bought it, didn’t you?
  7. Last but not least, a cooler full of goods. Watermelon, iced tea, waters, beers, chips, etc.

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