Cancun: Spring Break edition


8 Reasons to book a ticket to Cancun with a group of your closest friends 

Better write this before I get too old to refer to Spring Break as a must-do. To any spring-breaker who isn’t afraid of a little sand, sun,* and fun

   1149031_10152034775532183_1038234771_n1. Life’s a beach: white sand, clear blue waters, enjoyable waves, cute fish, perfect sun-bathing. Really though, the beaches are amazing, and most resorts will have their private beach so you won’t have to worry about rando’s walking over you. If it is a private, the resorts will provide (hopefully) enough lounge chairs, umbrellas, sometimes they’ll even have staff walking around the beach asking if you want yet another margarita.


 2. Rain or shine: good to go all year round. That being said, the sun is brighter and stronger in the summer months between June-August. My personal opinion would be to go either in September, November (though maybe just a bit too chilly), or February. Not only will you miss the scorching hot temps in those months, you’ll also avoid high season, which means lower prices and even more of a private experience.  You’ll also want to check weather before booking your ticket to avoid hurricane season. However, if you’re a true spring-breaker, you’ll have a blast no matter the weather. I spent my best days playing beach volleyball in the rain.

Barceló Tucancun3. All-inclusive resorts: all expenses paid. now that’s a real vacation. All you have to worry about is wearing a wristlet, which basically becomes a part of you, because you know what good it brings you. At the end of your trip no matter how faded, ripped, or itchy it is, it’ll hurt your soul for it to be removed from you. It’s so dear to you mainly for reason number 4

4. Food: So get this, FREE FOOD ALL DAY LONG. If that doesn’t 1912351_10152034774617183_427011301_nconvince you to book your ticket now, I don’t know what will. I’m talking about chilaquiles-it’s a Mexican mess of pure delicious-ness. Including the freshest fruits you’ll ever enjoy (unless you already live in a tropical area, in which case, lucky lucky you), unlimited french fries. I’ll repeat, unlimited french fries!! Most resorts will have a different menu every day, or at least for dinner, and also many will have different restaurants/booths/buffets to choose from. All you gotta do to deserve this is flash your wrist around to whoever’s watching.

Check-in with tamarindo drinks

5. Cerveza: I’m no alcoholic, but everyone can use some unlimited alcohol once in their lives. Laying on the beach won’t be complete until you’ve got your toes in the sand, a piña colada in your left hand, and a brand new bottle of… sunscreen in the right. Just remember to stay hydrated- I mean water, h2o. Believe me, you won’t want to be sunburned, drunk, and sleep deprived on vacation. I always take an empty water bottle with me and asked for it to be refilled with every michelada** that I order. There’s really no way of escaping free alcohol, the resort will greet you with a house drink before handing you your room key.

they'll become your best friends for the length of your stay.

6. Entertainment: Most every resort in Cancun has an entertainment staff and they are the absolute best. I don’t know how they do it, but they are 100% energized 100% of the time. They’re always there to help, chat, drink a shot of tequila with you. They’re called the entertainment staff for a reason- they will sing, dance, play games, tell jokes, laugh with AND at you.

swim with dolphin's in downtown Cancun

7. Excursions: If you and your friends are willing to pay a little extra, you’ll find an boundless amount of unique Cancun activities. Some activities include, swimming with dolphins, visiting Mayan ruins, snorkeling, scuba-diving through an underwater museum, and so on and so forth. I wouldn’t miss some of these once-in-a-lifetime chances… that is if you don’t spend all your money on number 8, which happens more often than you’d think.


Snoop Lion’s Concert at The City

8. Party, Party!: Let me just start a whole other list for this one.***

Paint Party at Señor Frogs

Paint Party at Señor Frogs

  • The City: the biggest and only of its kind South of the State’s border… apparently. It’s huge, the music’s great, entertainment every couple of hours, lasts all through the night morning. Where else are you going to see Snoop Dogg, Snoop Lion live?
  • Señor Frogs: Very very touristy. It’s like you’ve left Mexico and gotten an $80 entrance ticket back to the States. However, us Americans know how to have fun too, right? Who else would’ve come up with the brilliant idea of glow paint parties?
  • Mandala Beach: Right outside of Mandala, it’s the only club located on the beach. You can go in your bikini covers and sandals. It always has upbeat music, several pools to cannonball into, and you can see the sunrise over the beach as you make your way out of the club.
  • Daddy O’s: just another Americanized club in the heart of Cancun’s best night clubs. If you enjoy hip-hop music, you’ll be sure to have a good time.

*Sun: by the way, I totally understand if you are afraid of the sun, it’s a scary, scary skin-burning, dehydrating monster, of which I’ve been a victim a couple of times. Don’t take my warnings lightly.

**Michelada: a refreshing ice cold beer mixed with tomato juice, worcester sauce, lime, and rimmed with coarse salt. Can be enjoyed any time of the day.

***Clubs: The best deals is to buy your tickets from the hotel’s entertainment staff. That’ll most likely guarantee you a ride from the hotel to the club, skip-the-line entrance, a vip section reserved for party-goers from your hotel, and a usually a more reasonable price. Getting back is up to you, which works out for the best.


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