Texas State Fair


IMG_7308Everything is bigger in Texas

It was just last year as I was making the drive from Fort Worth to Dallas to visit the one and only Texas State Fair. It was late September, the weather was perfect, my sister came to visit me in college for the weekend, TCU beat SMU – go frogs! Overall it was a great weekend.

1. Fried Food

Seems quite disgusting, huh? It is disgustingly greasy, but merely delicious.

  • Oreos: One fried Oreo should be enough fat to last you about a month, but it’s hard to stop at just one.
  • Pickles: the perfect mix between juicy salty-ness and warm fried-ness
  • Lemonade: how else are you gonna chug down that 3rd Oreo?
  • Butter: bit of an overkill in my opinion… but it never stops selling.


big tex

2.  Big Tex

Every Texan knows who he is. He greets those who visit him yearly at the Texas State Fair, he’s quite hard to miss as he stands 55-feet (16m) tall! So it was a real Texas-sized tragedy when he quite literally burned to the ground in 2012 at the age of 60 due to a small fire.  It was a BIG and hot ordeal for a week or so, it’s all anyone wanted to talk about.

But no worries, the tradition still stands tall (see what I did there), because by 2013 a bigger and better Talking Big Tex was built to greet those at the state fair.


3. Piggly Wiggly

What’s a TX fair without a good ol’ rodeo? This state fair is home to one of the – you guessed it- biggest stockyards found on a fair. It even has a kissing booth petting zoo! And I’m not talking about a little petty petting zoo with goats that eat your shoelaces, I’m talking about giraffes, camels, and ostriches!! After being merely kissed by a cute cow, my sister and I ordered some more fried food and had a rest while watching a little piglet race. It was the cutest piglet race I’d ever seen. (and yes, I’ve seen more than one… I’m from Texas!)


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